Meet: Rayne

Meet: Rayne

We love working with Rayne. She’s feisty, awesome and kind enough to lend us a few words.

“My name is Rayne Emily Fisher and I’m a professional makeup artist. I think it is still important to have a makeup artist on set when shooting profile shoots. By profile, I mean anything from business profile to acting/modelling portfolio. These are the kind of shots intended to give a visual representation of yourself to a potential employer. Recently, improvements in editing software have made it seem like there is no need for a makeup artist in these simple look shoots. I’d like to say that’s absolute crap, and here is why. Yes, a program as basic as Photoshop could very easily define the important features of a face, hide blemishes and flaws and enhance a client’s face just fine, but this process loses authenticity. The edited shadows and lines will never have the natural, flowing dimension that an actual made-up face would have. Aside from actual looks, having a second, creative individual on-set is always a valuable asset to a job like this. A professional with experience with models across many different situations will have an informed opinion that has the potential to think of that one shot or pose that turns out to be they money-maker. By opening up to the possibility of more creative input, a photographer has the potential to create something really fantastic for their client. Makeup artists are more than just people who make editing easier. We are necessary in this business environment and we’re pretty fun to have around.”

Photocred: finnsquare
Photocred: Allan Brunke Photography

Photocred: Rayne Fisher

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